With its magnificent coastline, pristine river systems and panoramic views, the Shire of Gingin is a unique and exciting place to live and visit.

Gingin townsite is punctuated by the beautiful Granville Park in the centre, which is green all year round. From there visitors can stroll between the historical buildings, cafés, retail shops, hotel, railway station and trails.

The Shire of Gingin provides a suite of annual county events including the Gingin & Lancelin Triathlons, the Arts in the Park Event and Gingin British Car Day. These events together with the above make Gingin a wonderful visitor destination.

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Top Things to Do in Gingin

  • Historical Gingin Railway Station – Open from Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays the beautifully restored Gingin Railway Station offers tourism information, local products, historical information and a home-style café.
  • Pioneer Pavilion and Jim Gordon VC Trail – Inside the pavilion is a great spot for a BBQ or picnic and the Jim Gordon boardwalk trail through the lush ferns of the river is so peaceful and lovely.
  • Walk Trails – Click here for a map of walk trails and historic sites around the Gingin town.
  • Granville Park – Rolling lush green lawns, swings, the brook, public amenities, BBQ’s and even ducks, this park in the centre of Gingin has it all.
  • West Coast Honey – Five generations of passionate beekeepers continuing to provide pure and unprocessed monofloral honey’s and honeybee products in a quaint shop set in tranquil bushland where you can watch the beekeepers extract honey. An educational experience for visitors of all ages. Cafe food and drinks available. Situated just 5 minutes out of Gingin town on Gingin Brook Road.
  • The Gingin Hotel – Originally being the place to stop over for early pioneers travelling from Perth to Geraldton this pub has a country hotel atmosphere, large restaurant area and carved wooden bar, well worth a visit.
  • Cu@Park Café – Situated in the pristine Granville Park this inviting, open aired café has a relaxed vibe, great food and the best outlook in Gingin. You can also take the opportunity for a spot of shopping in their giftshop.

History of Gingin

The first European to visit the area was the explorer George Fletcher Moore who arrived in 1836 and recorded the Aboriginal name “Jinjin” on his charts. The first property to be established in the area by William Locke Brockman in 1841 was named Gingin station. Uncertainty surrounds the meaning of the word Gingin, but it is thought to mean “footprint” or “place of many streams”.

A townsite, Granville, was established in 1839 but once Gingin was gazetted in 1871 Granville was never developed.

By 1853 an area along Gingin Brook was fenced for horses to rest on the way from Perth to Geraldton and a police station was built nearby.

Construction of the telegraph line between Gingin and Perth was completed in 1886, and the railway line was completed in 1891. Gingin was declared a town in 1883.